SIPN South

Coordinating sea ice forecasts for the Southern Ocean

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!! NEWS !!

The initial assessment of the 2020-2021 forecasts is available here. The original call is here.

Past updates

The post-season report of the summer 2019-2020 experiment is now available!

Interim report 2019-2020

The initial assessment of SIPN South forecasts is now available.

Call 2019-2020

The call for the summer 2019-2020 forecasting exercise is now closed.

Antarctic at the crossroads

Like many regions of our planet, the Antarctic is currently undergoing profound environmental changes. Not all of these changes are well understood, partly due to a lack of comprehensive observational datasets describing this region. The Antarctic is one of the most under-sampled places on Earth.

In parallel, the need for reliable Antarctic sea-ice predictionsis increasing rapidly. Tourism in the southern polar regions is booming, and intense observing campaigns are planned within the next few years, in the framework of the ongoing Year Of Polar Prediction. For operational purposes, sea-ice conditions are one of the many challenges that face vessels operating in the Antarctic coastal region. Some parts of the Antarctic are experiencing expanding sea-ice extent while other areas are seeing multi‐year sea ice persisting in areas where, previously, that was not the norm. These changing conditions impact on science, science support and logistic operations in those regions. Advance notice of seasonal sea-ice conditions would help reduce costs associated with providing alternative operational logistics.

Scientific goals of SIPN South

SIPN South is driven by the following scientific question:

How well do current prediction systems forecast the seasonal evolution of circumpolar and regional Antarctic sea-ice conditions?

The project has three strategic objectives:

  1. Provide a focal point for seasonal outlooks of Antarctic sea ice, where the results are exchanged, compared, discussed and put in perspective with those from the Arctic thanks to interactions within SIPN;

  2. Provide news and information on the state of Antarctic sea ice, highlight recent published research, report ongoing observational campaigns and disseminate upcoming events (conferences, workshops, webinars, et cetera);

  3. Coordinate realistic prediction exercises aligned with the Year Of Polar Prediction (YOPP)’s Special Observing Periods.

Reports, other material and media

Leadership team

François Massonnet, Phil Reid, Cecilia Bitz, John Fyfe, Will Hobbs, Jan Lieser.


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